by Oakwood

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released September 7, 2015

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since we have really messed with anything at all, but we just wanted to upload these 3 songs we recorded last summer. They were recorded at different times, and one day we hope to re-record them. Hope you guys enjoy.

Recorded by: Chauncey Drugan
Photos by: Edgar Ramirez



all rights reserved


Oakwood Odessa, Texas

Star Wars lovers.

Twitter: @TheOakwoodBoyz


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Track Name: I'm Still Cheering for the 1980 US Hockey Team
These days and nights they are the same
But I'm the only one to blame
I'm fucking broken
I'm getting old, I'm getting sick
I wish that death would come quick
So here's to hoping

I woke up to see the sun
But instead found out you were gone
I should have known
I won't wish for better days
Because wishing never did anything

Yeah, I'm empty I'm a mess
I'll always be second best
That's what you told me
Thanks for leaving me behind to get ahead
And forget I'm alive

But I'm getting away
So far from you
Track Name: Summer
I see the forest for the trees
So tell me why did I stop growing
I'm rooted, too much has changed in me
I hate what I am becoming

The better years that I slept away
To make room for the fucked up days

My mind is storming
And I am flooding
When will my head just stop swimming
I'm sinking
With the weight tied to me
I am so sick of of pretending

I buried myself and hoped things would be better
But I'm still drifting

Nothings the same
Everything's different
Track Name: Space Jam Theme Song
The thoughts filled my head
And I can't let go of everything you said
It still haunts me

We'll both be happy in the end
I'm still closed off from my friends
Fading slowly, I wish I was dead

I've been hoping for something more
Than fixing what I have become
Give me back my life
I'm trying to do what is right
But it's killing me

I've lost sight of myself
Too scared to asked for help
And it's killing me