2013 Demo

by Oakwood

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Recorded in TJs loft using garage band and a rock band mic. This is just a really rough demo of the songs we are going to be recording with our friend this summer. Thanks for listening/downloading!


released June 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Oakwood Odessa, Texas

Star Wars lovers.

Twitter: @TheOakwoodBoyz

Facebook: facebook.com/theoakwoodboyz

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Track Name: Milk is Too Acidic, Drink Crackers
It’s all in the past
We both had regrets
Some I still have
I can’t find comfort
In what I lack
I said I’d try
To be what you want
You said I could
Never be enough
But I’m still alone
With no comfort in
What I've become
So I’m skipping stones
Made from old homes
And broken bones
Of the friends that haunt
The smoke in my clothes
I watched the flame flicker and fade away
And then I knew I’d do the same
I'm holding to
What I’ll never be
Two years too many
Of being nothing
So here’s to the past
The laughs we had
I’d give it all back
If I had the chance
We both can't be happy
It’s either you or me
Track Name: Pokemon Master
Street talk and all the situations that make me feel awkward
And the words that I can't stand
I'll try to shuffle out of every conversation
I don't want to talk about your cats or feelings of depression
Cause its easy to say I’m feeling fine
I just sleep to much and don’t eat enough
And I feel like jumping from a cliff
But that’s too long of a drive
So I'll just stay in bed passing the time
Thinking back to a lost kid
Box haired, socially impaired
Scared to death of a world
Outside of his four walls
And these blind eyes still see
Through broken lenses
But he can't feel a thing
And its all closing in
Nothing makes sense in a world so greed driven
I'm trying to see over the hill
But it's more oncoming traffic
Brought on by panic
And I'm fucked
Track Name: I Used to Have Two Pen Pals
I was the mountains
You were the sea
I parted the waves
But you dried up and left me
So I am crumbling
Full of regret
Stuck with the hole
That you left in my chest
I am weathered
Down to my core
And what’s more
I’m feeling hopeless
I begged the sky
To bring the rain
Soon to be rust
I will decay
Track Name: My Spirit Animal Is...
I pretend that being ok
Is hiding your problems in a bed
Where I get no sleep
I’m mirroring the bad things
That became apart of who I am
And I was stagnant long before
I stopped feeling a thing
So I let go
I stopped looking for hope
In the cracks on the wall
Where I told the world goodbye
I’m pushing off into the distance
In the fog where I hope the waves will crash
And tear me apart like you did
So I sank
I could never swim
And it shows in the depths
Where I’ve been alone
Because depression got a hold
And it doesn’t let go without
Taking what you love most
It’s my head and the thoughts I can’t control
Hating myself has become my home
I got lost somewhere along the way
And I don’t want to be found
Just let me dig my own grave